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What we love…

interactive history lesson about the United States and a “country connection” which brings history to life in a fun and interactive format

What we’d love to see…

answers to the questions at the end of the book as well as displaying real pictures of the colony/state and the sister city to explain a little bit about what a sister city is


Fun educational app that will have kids learning without realizing it!  Perfect for virtual summertime travel. Part history, part adventure and a whole lot of fun!

Our Rating

It’s Raining Pumpkins in Delaware by World of Liberty, LLC is an interactive universal storybook designed for iOS by Ogg Studios that takes different parts of the United States and explores how they connect to other parts of the country called “country connections” which helps to understand what America has in common with other countries with a focus on one specific state and one country at a time.  This particular story features Delaware and the sister city of Kalmar, Sweden which is the sister city to Wilmington, Delaware.  The storybook app designed for children aged seven to nine provides a history lesson in an interactive storybook app featuring animation, song, narration and features Liberty Lane (the primary character), her toy eagle Georgie, her toy plane Truman and her dog Ellie as they adventure around the world.  The app features a “read to me”, “read to myself” and “autoplay” option which brings history to life in this new series.   Liberty Lane helps to explain the tradition of Halloween in the United States and Georgie the Eagle helps to explain why pumpkins have faces for Halloween to scare away the creatures.  The app also includes information about the state such as the state flag and location of the state as well as information about Sweden which includes the language and flag as well as location and information specific to each of the sister cities and the ties between the two.  The author Amber Hood, is a professional voice over artist who is the voice for Dotty in Special Agent Oso and Susie Sunshine in Doc McStuffins.

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The narration, songs and graphics are well done and engaging to the reader so much so that my kindergartener didn’t realize that he was learning at the same time!   The story interweaves history from the country such as settlers going from Sweden to Wilmington Delaware and build Fort Christina and learning about it while exploring a castle in the story which ties into the pumpkins which are on display for Halloween.    I especially liked the questions as the end of the story which ensure that your child understands what they have read which include “What is the biggest city in Delaware” to “What colors are Sweden’s flag”.    This can prompt a question about where your ancestors come from.  The app feels much more like an adventure instead of a history lesson and even customs specific to the United States that you might not of otherwise been aware of.  I also liked how it introduces the concept of the United States being a “melting pot” to many other countries with different traditions and connections to other countries. The costumes worn in the story are also historically accurate as well, a nice touch.

In terms of improvements, it would be nice if the app included specific answers to the questions.  The questions were displayed and read out loud but didn’t include any chance to find the answers or a page reference.    I would also like to see a bit more interaction outside of the story which would allow for words to be re-read or during the state facts showing Delaware on a map and the relation to Sweden as well as more information about what a sister city is and that there are many of them across the United States.

Overall this is a fun educational book app that will engage children and help them learn the history of the United States and other countries without realizing it.  It’s a perfect addition to your summertime adventures for virtual travel or as part of your homeschooling curriculum.  I can’t wait to see what the next adventure brings for Liberty Lane and the country connection.   The story  is a bit long for younger kids. but can either be read in sections or used with children who are age 7 to about age 11 or so.  There are no external links, in-app purchases or advertising contained within the app.

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World Of Liberty “It’s Raining Pumpkins in Delaware” – World of Liberty, LLC

World Of Liberty Adventure 1 World Of Liberty Adventure 1 by World of Liberty, LLC

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WORLD OF LIBERTY “It’s Raining Pumpkins in Delaware” created by Amber Hood .

A fun and exciting interactive storybook adventure, about a little girl called Liberty Lane, her dog Ellie.