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What we love…

Easy to use, unlimited pages in books, unlimited books and authors, very customizable, ability to choose image by sounds -initial, medial & final, ability to add your own images and narration.

What we’d love to see…

Layout templates for beginning users, option to create a layout for the entire book at the onset


An easy to use storybook creator with multiple authors and unlimited books. As a Speech Language Pathologist I love that I can create books for home practice for each and every child on my caseload, and have the child’s input, allowing the kids to take ownership of their home practice.

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My Story for Speech and LanguageMy Story is the newest app for speech and language from Pocket SLP.  The app is designed for adults and children to create and share stories. The interface is extremely user friendly and lends itself well to cooperative projects. It is available as a free version with in-app purchase, and a full version with no in-app purchases. The free version allows 1 author, 2 books and images from 2 categories; the full version has unlimited authors and books, all images and dropbox synchronization. This review is of the full version.

I love how easy this My Story is to use and to teach others how to use. The simplicity of use is an asset from the beginning. Right from the home page, the mechanics of the app are self explanatory. The platform makes it easy to find your way around the different parts of the app and the multiple different ways to embellish and individualize the pages of the book.  There are unlimited pages per book.

OI have tried this app with kids as young as 5 and as old as 11.  Everyone loved it. Their true creativity came through! The students asked if they could add to their books and even shared their editing skills on others projects.  They loved that their books can be shared on social media and that the books can be saved to Dropbox. My Story app allows for multiple users.

As a Speech Language Pathologist I love that I can create books for home practice for each and every child on my caseload, and have the child’s input. It allows the kids to take ownership of their home practice.  The stories can be edited from week to week, to allow new pages to be added. Once the book is completed there is an option to view, edit or share. The “view” is done in slideshow form.

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Each page can be customized for background color, font, and images (size, position).  There are a bunch of preloaded pictures available and you can also add your own images. The preloaded images can be viewed by category (alphabetically within a category) and even by sounds these are organized by position in words (initial, medial and final). There is also an option to draw and write (thick or thin lines) on each page. One of my favorite features (and the children also) is the ability to record audio to go with the images in the book.

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There isn’t really much I didn’t like about this app. I would like to see some layout templates for beginning users. Some of the kids got really caught up in the placement and choices available to them.  It would also be nice to have an option to create a layout for the entire book at the onset. This way little time is wasted on restructuring each page. While you can copy and paste individual images, on the same page, the chance to paste to another page would also be nice. A standard template would be a good option as well, much like the project or presentation apps that are commercially available. Another addition that might be fun would be the ability to add a soundtrack in addition to the current ability to record narration.

Overall, I highly recommend this app for classroom, therapy and home. Teachers can modify for specific academic goals, Speech Pathologists can adapt for various individualized goals, and families can create stories and memories for their children to talk about and bring back to school for discussions. The app has unlimited potential for kids creativity and most important the kids are fully engaged and become active participants in their learning and therapy experiences. 5/5 stars for My Story app!!
Free version (with IAP) My Story for Speech and Language Free – Synapse Apps, LLC


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Full version – regular price $9.99 on introductory sale for $4.99
My Story for Speech and Language Full – Synapse Apps, LLC 


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