Toca Boca Celebrates 100M DownloadsToday’s interview is with Caroline Ingeborn, COO of Toca Boca

Thank you for participating our interview Caroline. Toca Boca announced this week that it had hit 100 million downloads- congratulations! That is quite a milestone.


Toca Boca is one of the world’s most popular kids app brands, what do you think has contributed most to its success?

At Toca Boca all our digital toys are open-ended play experiences made from the kids’ perspective. Our digital toys do not have levels or high scores, you can’t win or lose, it’s all about play. Our apps are also free of in-app purchases and third-party ads, so not only do kids love them, but parents can also trust them. I think another component is the commitment to gender neutrality — we don’t make apps for girls or boys, we make them for kids, all kids.


I understand that Toca Boca apps have been downloaded in over 200 countries – what gives them such global appeal ?

Our digital toys are all based on universal play patterns which enables kids everywhere to play with them. They are also free of text and dialogue, which helps remove languages barriers.


Do you find that the same apps are most popular the world over, or are there regional differences in which apps are most popular?

Most of our apps resonate globally. We find it tends to be parents who react to the apps differently based on cultural experiences most kids simply find them fun!


Tell us a little about how you test your apps- I understand you have quite a large team of kid testers!

Our play designers who are based in Sweden play test all of the apps. Each play designer has slightly different methods of testing, but all of the apps go through several rounds of testing and iterating based on the kids’ feedback.
Toca Boca’s apps have evolved a lot over the last few years – the earliest apps such as Toca Tea Party are much simpler than the Toca Life apps. With the newer apps are you aiming for an older target audience, or do you feel the younger children are demanding more complex apps now?

We are starting to create apps for a slightly wider audience, previously we focused on kids age 3-6 years and we’ve now broadened that to 3-9 years. I think in many ways we are growing with our users.


What do you envision for the future of kids apps in general and for Toca Boca specifically ?

Apps for kids are becoming more and more sophisticated and increasing in quality, which is great for kids. It is an interesting time to be in this industry.In terms of Toca Boca, we are looking forward to what is next. In addition to digital toys, we are exploring opportunities in consumer products and video. All of our future offerings will be uniquely designed from the kids’ perspective just as our digital toys are.


Thank you so much for talking with us today and sharing a bit about Toca Boca.  We really appreciated the chance to get to know you!

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