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What we love…

bright, colorful engaging illustrations, fun interactive elements, games

What we’d love to see…

Tweaking of difficulty levels in toy matching game.


A high quality, fun, engaging and different Christmas app that combines a story, interactive elements and fun games, recommended for kids from 4-10.

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The Witch and the Christmas SpiritThe Witch With No Name is busy preparing for her favorite holiday……. Halloween. But wait! I thought this was a Christmas story ? Well the Witch is interrupted in her preparations by a call for help from her friend Peepo the Elf who has been training as a present wrapper in Santa’s workshop. Peepo is desperate for help, a strange illness has affected Santa and his elves leaving them all sound asleep, and Christmas preparations have ground to a halt.

The Witch is torn as to what to do, she knows nothing about Christmas and really wants to stay to complete her Halloween preparations, but decides she must go as her friend needs her. The Witch and Peepo explore Lapland and with her magic try to put everything to rights. As they work to save Christmas the reader helps them through a series of fun, interactive games.

iPhone Screenshot 2Readers practice their maths skills when building a snowman, sort letters alphabetically and use their memory skills to put toys together correctly. My favorite game is helping Santa’s reindeer slim down by running them on an obstacle course after they over-indulge, be sure to avoid the potato chips! There are lots of other fun interactions and games too – and your child even gets to wake up Santa!iPhone Screenshot 4

There are 3 different difficulty levels so that the games can be enjoyed by children of different ages from pre-school to late elementary school age. However, even on easy setting the toy matching game may be a little hard for the younger players as the toy disappears from view as soon as they start working to match it.  It would be nice to see an option to leave the toy visible on the screen if they are having remembering how to assemble it.

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As the Witch works to save Christmas she wants to learn what Christmas is really about sets out to discover what Christmas Spirit really is. Santa thanks her for all her help and sends her home with a letter- will she finally find out what the Christmas Spirit is? You’ll have to read the book to find out.

As in all the books in the Witch with No Name series this story has bright, colorful engaging illustrations with lots of fun interactive elements hidden on each page. The app can be enjoyed in English, French or German, and there are read by myself or read to me options.  A page navigation guide makes it easy for readers to return to their favorite pages. My twin 3rd graders love The Witch with No Name and enjoyed this seasonal addition to the serie.

The Witch and the Christmas Spirit by Slim Cricket is a high quality, fun, engaging and different Christmas app that combines story, interactive elements and fun games. Recommended for ages 4-10, the app is free to download with a single in-app purchase to unlock the full app, the IAP is $3.99

iTunes Link: The Witch and the Christmas Spirit – SlimCricket

The Witch and the Christmas Spirit The Witch and the Christmas Spirit by SlimCricket

Price: $FREE

"The Witch and the Christmas Spirit" is a subtle blend of stories, games and cartoons.

Discover the beginning of the story for free.
If you enjoy it, buy the full version in one 'click'.

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