Armpocket®To Launch the World’s First Waterproof Smartphone Armband

Did you know that 90% of people drop their mobile phone at least once a month? And, a whopping 1 in  5 Americans has dropped their  iPhone in the toilet at least once. Fear not  America,  Armpocket  has you covered.

First to market with the original smartphone armband over a decade  ago,  Miami-based  international  fitness accessory giant Armpocket are back with a vengeance with the first ever, IPX8 certified, 100% waterproof AQUA Armband.  This  new armband  complements their existing line of  military  standard,  smartphone,  armbands available for all iPhone,  Samsung , Microsoft,  LG, Goo gle, Motorola, and HTC model phones.

It s really exciting to be further cementing our reputation as the ongoing innovative global leaders for fitness armbands”  Jytte Nielsen, CEO Armpocket.

Armpocket  armbands  were  awarded  MIL-STD-810G  certification  rating by NTS Laboratories – the most commonly utilized standard for durability testing of military products  .

Armpocket fitness armbands exceeded the rigorous military criteria for protection against damage, life-cycle wear, ruggedness, and durability . The existing designs are weather and sweat-proof, eco-friendly and offer different designs tailored to your lifestyle needs, so that you can safely store other valuables alongside your phone in one of the many multiple Interior  storage compartments.

The AQUA model is projected to become a must-have phone accessory in 2018 due to its problem-solving design solutions for modern active lifestyles – expected to officially launch to the retail market in October 2017.

“Life is a continuous adventure. And Armpocket armbands are made for adventures. Ill never leave home again without my Armpocket to keep my phone protected from whatever elements my next adventure brings.” Sophie Bowman, CEO Brand Branding PR LLC.

Armpocket  is the global  leader  in mobile device carrier  armbands,  designing a full range of superior quality solutions.  Whether  you’re a gym bunny, outdoor fitness enthusiast, watersports fanatic, or you just need to be hands­ free while running daily errands,  Armpocket  will ensure  your  phone  or  iPod is securely cocooned in a protective layer of waterproof, sweat-proof, shock­ proof, and drop-proof memory foam. With adjustable straps, easy glide dual zippers, and of course,  multi-port  audio access , your music will be with you and your phone will be protected wherever you may be in the world .