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Hello Hoa! Tell us about the company!

We’re a small team who’ve taken on a big challenge – to create a chatbot to provide emotional support to parents world wide!

Tell us about Enjo(which is awesome!!)

Enjo helps you handle the ups and downs of being a parent. Enjo will make you reflect on the good things in your life, and the highlights of parenting. It could be meaningful memories with your child, what you appreciate in your partner or what makes you grateful about being a parent.

And when you’re feeling down, stressed or worried, Enjo will offer support, validate your feelings, perhaps try to shift your perspective or just let you know if it’s common to feel the way you do.

We’re still experimenting with it, but we think it’s pretty cool that Enjo sometimes can help you get out of the black-and-white-thinking that can occur when you’re filled with negative emotions, and add some nuance just by reminding you of good things you’ve talked about in the past. The feeling of ”I don’t ever do enough for my kids!” can sometimes be turned around just by getting reminded of the sweet moments you’ve shared and good things you’ve done for your family.

Any future apps planned?

We don’t have anything that’s in the planning stage yet, but of course we’re thinking about making other psychology based chatbots for groups other than parents.

Any advice for those developing apps?

Try to find something that you care deeply about, and try to find an innovative way to package it into an app. For me it’s been psychology. I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of helping people live better lives by making the insights from research more accessible.

Of course there’s an infinite number of things we still don’t know about the human mind. But the biggest problem in my view is that the knowledge we do have doesn’t reach all the people who could benefit from it.

Any advice for parents?

As a psychologist and researcher I’d recommend you to try being a mindful parent, and simply practice to pay attention to the present – as well as your own and your child’s feelings. It doesn’t mean that you will never get angry or upset. It is completely normal to feel negative emotions, but not acting on them mindlessly is what compromises mindful parenting.

Most importantly, mindful parenting does not mean being a“perfect parent” and is not something you can fail at – only something you can get better at.

But I’m actually becoming a father in just a couple of weeks, so I’m looking forward to utilizing my own experiences in the future!

Best wishes Hoa on your upcoming arrival. We can’t wait to see what additional apps your company comes up with!

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