7 Great Gifts for Health and Wellness

When looking for gifts for loved ones it is always rewarding if the gift is something they enjoy that at the same time improves their overall health and wellness. We have found a variety of great gifts ideas that help the user work on improving their health and wellness. Some are for the more serious athlete, others are for those who want to decrease stress, or increase their overall activity level without wearing a traditional looking fitness tracker. There are also gifts for those who suffer from Blood Pressure problems or nausea from motion sickness, pregnancy or other causes. We hope you and your loved ones have a Happy and Healthy New Year in 2017 and that some of these gifts help with that.

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Muse Brain-Sensing Meditation Headband

muse-sort-nyt-logo-1-4 The Muse Brain-Sensing Meditation Headband is a great gift for anyone who wants to decrease their stress level. It acts as a personal meditation coach and is used in conjunction with the Muse app on your phone plus your own headphones. Muse fits comfortably across your forehead and behind your ears and measures your brain signals. Once Muse is in place it checks for proper fit and takes a baseline reading. The app then guides you through a series of meditation exercises. Whilst you meditate you listen to different soundscapes and the soundscapes respond to your brainwaves. For instance in the beach soundscape when you are calm and focussed you hear gently rolling waves and even birds singing, as your mind wanders the ocean becomes stormy and the waves crash louder. Unlike many other stress reduction devices, you don’t need to look at the screen whilst you are meditating, you can close your eyes and relax. I find the changing soundscape a much less intrusive way of reminding me to refocus than seeing changes on a screen or hearing a voice prompt. The sessions start short at 3 minutes, and you are encouraged to increase your time meditating as it becomes a habit. You can review your meditation settings and set reminders to help meditation become a regular routine.  I have found it a great tool to help me to meditate and I’m always much more relaxed after a Muse session. Available from Target, Amazon and other retailers for US$179.99

Spire- Mindfulness and Activity  Tracker

kubik-160425-spire_0973_side_table_2_final-2-1Spire is a tracker that not only looks and feels different from your standard activity tracker, it also has a different focus. Spire looks and feels like a well worn pebble and it monitors not only your steps but also your breathing.  The battery lasts for up to a week and it charges via a beautiful cork and metal induction charger, that can also acts as a USB charger for your phone. Spire’s focus is on measuring your breathing -your state of mind affects how you breathe, but how you breathe can also change your state of mind.  The Spire app includes focussed mini-meditation sessions. During the day Spire senses when you are becoming stressed and sends real-time notifications to remind you to take a deep breath or suggest ways to calm down. At the end of the day you can see what periods of calm, focus and tension you have had. Spire aims to improve your health by making you mindful of your breathing patterns and encouraging slow, deep breathing. Studies have shown that slow, deep and consistent breathing can lower blood pressure, reduce stress and increase the flow of endorphins in the blood stream. Available from Spire.ioAmazon and Apple Stores for US$99.99

Jabra Sports Pulse Special Edition Bluetooth Headphones with HR Monitoring

pulse_close-up-product-in-ear Music always makes it easier to work out. When you are actively training a good set of wireless Bluetooth headphones that will stay in place however hard you work is a must. The Jabra Sports Pulse special edition headphones  include 4 pairs of ear wings and 6 different pairs of EarGels (3 sizes of foam and 3 of silicon) to find your perfect fit. As well as providing great sound and a secure fit they also help you to fine tune your workout by measuring your Heart Rate. To get the most from the headphones use them with Jabra’s Sport Life™ app. With the app you can set personal goals based on distance, time, or calories burned. You can select a target pace or heart rate zone and even set up interval training. The app will keep you updated with audio coaching. You can also use the headphones and app to do 3 fitness tests: The Rockport Test- designed to measure your VO2 max level, The Orthostatic Heart Rate Test and The Resting Heart Rate Test.
They connect via Bluetooth and charge via USB with up to 5 hours battery life. Available from Jabra.com, Amazon and other retailers RRP  US$159.99



home-reliefband ReliefBand was originally created as a single use device for chemotherapy patients, over time others learned of it and it became popular with boaters and in hospitals for other types of treatments.  I have always had nausea when flying or boating – it’s a fact of life for me.  I recently flew and I’m happy to say that with my ReliefBand I had no nausea and flew very comfortably.  You simply put on some gel similar to ultrasound gel on your wrist, put on the ReliefBand and then activate it so you can feel the pulse.  It begins to take effect in moments.  It is FDA cleared and endorsed by the medical profession for conditions related to nausea and vomiting including morning sickness and chemotherapy.  Read our full review. Available from  Relief Band’s website, West Marine, and Amazon.


Withings Wireless BP Monitor

Withings-WirelessBPM-Main-iOS-ENThe Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor  is a device designed to make it easier to measure, record and share blood pressure (BP) readings at home. It is incredibly easy to set up and use, . It charges via an included USB cable, and once charged it is totally wireless. It is used in conjunction with the Withings Health Mate app and gives immediate feedback on whether or not your reading is in the optimal range. The monitior automatically tracks measurements over time, sends reminders to take your BP, and makes it easy to share results with your doctor.  If  loved one has pre-hypertension, hypertension, or risk factors for it, the Withings Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor is a great gift to make home blood pressure monitoring quick, easy and painless. Read our full review. Available from Withings.com, Amazonand other retailers RRP $129.95  (at time of press only $73 on Amazon)


Timex IQ+MOVE Women’s Gift Set


image004The IQ Move series is new from Timex this year. They are a series of analog watches with built-in activity trackers that are available in womens and mens styles. The Taupe/Turquoise womens gift set includes a taupe leather strap and an interchangeable turquoise silicon strap. It has a 36mm dial with INDIGLO® Night-Light and is water-resistant to 50M. It uses Bluetooth to synch with the Timex Connected app (compatible with iOS and Android). You can check your progress to goal in the app or with a quick glance at the sub-dial on the watch face. It also measures periods of deep and light sleep, as well as time awake, sleep efficiency percentage and average length of sleep. The IQ+ Move uses a traditional watch battery, so no charging is required. Available from BestBuy.com , Best Buy stores and  Timex.com  for US$149


Amazfit Ceramic Activity Tracker

silver_infinity_necklaceFor the woman (or man) who wants to track their activity but doesn’t like the look of traditional activity trackers the Amazfit Ceramic Activity Tracker is an elegant alternative. It is a smooth, shiny glazed ceramic disc inspired by the traditional Chinese jade pendant. It comes in white or black and can be worn in a variety of ways. My favorite way to wear it is with the optional Silver Infinity Necklace . I love how smooth the tracker is to the touch. As all the electronics are hidden inside it looks just like a fashion statement rather than an activity tracker. The tracker charges via an included induction charger and you can choose from a variety of fashionable wrist straps for times when you are actively working out and prefer to wear it on your wrist. It works with a smartphone app, it will track steps and also tracks sleep when worn on the wrist.  Available from Amazon and other retailers currently $55.99 for tracker charger and wristband, necklace $16.99

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This post contains affiliate links, if you click on these The iMums may receive a small commission which helps to pay to run this site. Thank you for supporting us by using these links. Some items on this list have been received free of charge for review purposes.

Review of the Withings Go- an Affordable Activity and Sleep Tracker



Tracks sleep, steps, running, swimming; long battery life, waterproof, integrates with a variety of apps, stores several days of data, affordable


Can not track elevation change or heart rate, sleep tracking not that accurate


If you are looking for an affordable sleep and activity tracker the Withings Go is a good option. It is waterproof, has a long battery life, can be worn in a variety of ways and integrates with many apps and devices via Withings Healthmate


What do you look for in an activity tracker? Long battery life? Easy to use? Ability to track sleep, steps, different types of exercise? Waterproof? Affordable? Available in multiple color options? If you answered yes to any, or all of the above then you may be interested in the new Withings Go activity tracker , which I recently had the opportunity to test. It is an affordable, waterproof activity and sleep tracker that has a long battery life and comes in  5 different colors. It is a circular tracker with an e-ink display that a little bigger than a quarter. It works with the Withings Health Mate app and can be worn in a variety of ways.

In Use

The Go can be carried in a pocket, worn on the wrist using the included wristband or clipped to your clothing with the included clip. My preferred way of using it is with the wristband. It is soft and comfortable and easy to adjust. If you want to switch to using the clip it only takes seconds to remove from the wristband and install in the clip, so it is very flexible. The Go itself is white and you can choose to have the background display white or black, but the wristband and clip come in a variety of color options. I tested out the simple black, but I like all the fun color options- pink, green, yellow and blue that add a splash of bright color.


To fully use the Go you need to install the free Withings Healthmate app and connect to your smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth. The screen of the Go has an E Ink display, similar to those on a Kindle, so it is permanently on and easy to read in a variety of light conditions (but not in the dark.) The screen shows a running man and lines appear around the periphery to show how far you have come in your daily steps goal (you can adjust your target steps via the app). Once you reach your goal the man is replaced by a star and it continues to record steps. A hard press on the center of the display switches it to time mode. The time is displayed in the style of an analog watch but without numbers, so it can be a little tricky to tell the difference between say 9.25 and 10.25. You can see your daily steps and the time directly on the Go, but for more detailed data you need to use the Healthmate app on your smartphone. You don’t need to keep it connected to your phone all the time, when you are unconnected the Go will store several days worth of data for the next time you synch. I found this very useful on camping trips, where to conserve my phone battery I keep Bluetooth off most of the time, but can still  periodically check on my daily activity level. I have had trips where I have not connected for several days and still was able to download all my data when I got home and recharged my phone. On one camping trip I did discover that it is a good idea to remove the Go before applying DEET- based insect repellants,  I accidentally splashed some on the screen and it left permanent marks.


Within the Healthmate app you can see steps taken, distance walked; time plus calories burned for each session of walking; as well as separate listing for running and swimming. For me personally I found the walking and running tracked well, but my swim stroke must not fit their algorithm as it does not recognize when I swim (which was the same for me with the Withings Activite Pop we previously reviewed.) The Go also tracks your sleep if you wear it during sleep. It measures light and deep sleep, awakenings and total time slept. It measures based on movement so it is not as accurate as dedicated sleep systems such as the Withings Aura. I did find it sometimes recorded me as sleeping when I was lying still reading or watching television, but it was still a useful reminder for me to see when I was getting an adequate amount of sleep and when I need to change habits to improve my sleep.

Through the Healthmate app it automatically integrates data from other Withings devices such as the Wireless Blood Pressure Monitor and smart scales, it also allows you to manually log information such as weight and blood pressure. Healthmate also integrates with Apple Healthkit and many third party health and fitness apps. You can log your nutrition with My Fitness pal and use your favorite apps such Runkeeper and have the data integrated with Healthmate.





For me to regularly use a fitness tracker I find I need to take it off as little as possible- when I remove it is when I’m likely to forget to put it on again and miss tracking. For that reason I much prefer trackers that don’t need frequent charging and the Go is great for this- it runs on a regular button battery which should last up to 8 months (mine is still going strong after 2 months of use.) It is also water-resistant up to 50m which means I can leave it on when showering or swimming so again less opportunity to forget to put it on. Bring able to wear it in a variety of ways makes it flexible- I like to wear it on my wrist, but my husband prefers to clip on a waistband. It is affordably priced at $79.95. Unlike some more expensive trackers it doesn’t have an altimeter so cannot track elevation change, and it doesn’t measure heart rate.




I reviewed the Withings Activite Pop earlier in the year and still love it-  the Go is not as stylish as the Activite Pop and although it does tell time it looks like an activity tracker rather than a watch. However the Go is less than half the price of the Activite Pop, so if you are looking for a budget friendly alternative the Go is definitely worth a look.

If you are looking for an affordable sleep and activity tracker the Withings Go is a good option. It is waterproof, has a long battery life, can be worn in a variety of ways, you can see your daily step count at a glance without your smartphone, and tracks steps, sleep, running and swimming. It integrates with many apps and devices via Withings Healthmate app all for under $80.


Withings Healthmate app

NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.


InBody BAND – Wearable Body Composition Analyzer by InBody – Review



What we love…

easy to use all in one fitness tracker which includes “value add” features like vibrating when you phone rings and movement alarms

What we’d love to see…

improved app for iOS as well as better setup instructions to ensure you get the right app on your iPhone, I chose the wrong one the first time.


As a busy mom of two, I loved the ease of use and reliability of the tracker and how easy it made it for me to keep track of my daily movements.  With time and higher adoption I am sure that the InBody Band will become the new standard.

Our Rating



InBody Band by InBody is a wearable body composition analyzer created by South Korean InBody that measures steps, heart rate, total calories burned, distance, flights of stairs, vibrating when you get a call or a text and built in alarms.  This wearable takes fitness which used to mean wearing multiple devices like a step tracker, heart rate monitor, and a watch and combines them into one.

Using the InBody Band
Putting on the band was easy, and setting it up with my smartphone via Bluetooth was easy once I downloaded the right app was easy to run my first body test.  The app provides instructions such as doing it first thing in the morning after standing up for 5 minutes.  I ran the test weekly during my month long test of the band and tracked my progress over time.  The band has one side button which you can use to cycle through the various tests, the one I looked at the most was my daily steps to ensure I was on track.  I found that it matched well with what I had on my iPhone using the built in Apple Health Kit but was much easier since I didn’t need to make sure I had my phone all the time.  It requires manual sync, you open up the app and then it will sync – I usually did this at the end of the day to see how close I was to my “goal” of steps.  The InBody Band stated it had a battery life of approximately 9 days and I found it lasted six to seven depending on the number of vibration notifications that I got.   The band is completely circular and the backside of the LCD is metal and contains biometrics including heart rate and body fat.  The “watch” reads on military time which wasn’t something I was used to, but quickly adapted to. The InBody Band comes in three sizes which are determined based on your wrist size. The colors are black, gray, orange, plum and pink. You can also swap out the straps for different colors which means you can wear one color on the weekend and a different color during the week at work if you choose. It is water resistant, meaning you can wash your hands but not immerse the band. Once you do the InBody test it gives you suggestions based on your results and explains your numbers, I thought this was helpful so that I had an idea of what the ranges should be and perhaps gave me motivation to work on it. Some take the tests daily, however, I took them weekly simply because mornings can be pretty hectic here and I wanted to be sure to take it at the same approximate time on the same day to see progress over time. There are two small metal places on the edges of the LCD which you use both to measure your heart rate and take your InBody tests. These connect to the back of the LCD and touch your skin to take the tests. For the heartrate test the instructions were simple and I could do that on the fly. The InBody test suggested that you do it first thing in the morning and so that was the one I did weekly to see progress over time.

I wore the band 26 out of 30 days, the days I didn’t wear it were simply because I had forgotten to charge it or I hadn’t put it on before I left the house. I usually wore it during daytime hours only and took it off at night because I don’t like wearing items on my fingers or wrists at night. I also liked that I didn’t have to worry about losing it, because it was secure on my wrist rather than clipped on like other devices in the market. The battery charged quickly when I did have to charge it and it had a good battery life which meant it wasn’t another item I had to plug in every night like my smartphone. You can go into the app and manually track activity which I did on the days I didn’t wear it, but this was a hassle compared to the days I did wear it.


I really liked an “all in one” device that included my heart rate, steps, calories burned, flights of stairs.  The built in movement alarm and the vibration when I got a call were really “bonus features” that reminded me to move or if my phone was on vibrate I wasn’t constantly looking over to see if I had a call.  Using the InBody Band encouraged me to get up from my desk when I was working and take movement breaks – which are good for everyone!  I’m working on getting more fit in 2016 and will be writing another post about my user experience after a few months to share my update journey.  The band has made me more conscious of my movement and has encouraged me to move more – I’ve gone from about 5-7K steps to 10-12K steps on a routine basis and park further away from places as well as working out more.  I’ve started taking a daily walk and working out to “get in my activity” and meet my daily goal since I love seeing the world “GOAL” flash across the screen when I meet my goal. I liked that I could wear it and others would not be aware I was using a fitness tracker. There are multiple band colors, I got pink but others would work in the office setting as well and look professional. I always took it off at night and didn’t use the sleep tracker portion simply because I don’t like wearing things at night.

In terms of enhancements, there are two different apps offered for the InBody Band and the instruction book is not clear which one you want to download, I used the wrong one first and it requested a key to try the body assessment, that was my only clue that I had downloaded the wrong app.  Luckily the data transferred from one app to the other easily.  I do also wish it would sync with the Apple Health Kit which is on my iPhone.  There were a few days that I didn’t put on the band first thing in the morning and wasn’t home to put it on so my day was “lost” in terms of the band.  You can manually enter in mileage later, but it would have been nice if there was an easier way to sync and track progress over time.  I’d also like to see a more user friendly app interface.  Currently, you can see your body composition over time as well as distance in a graphical format, but the actual app itself is a bit plain compared to others on the market.  I’d also like to see a way to track your heartrate over time, currently you track it and there is no mechanism to keep track of it over time and see changes.  I also found that the little “door” to open to charge the band was challenging at times to open, which is good since it meant it was secure, but it would have been nice if there was an easier “trick” to getting it to stay open.

Overall, this is a comprehensive wearable that sets the stage for wearable fitness trackers of the future.  I really liked that it incorporated multiple things including a step tracker, biometrics, activity alarm, phone vibration and more into one device.  It was an easy setup and frankly encouraged me to be more active and get working on my fitness journey.  I’ll be writing another post in a month or so with an update on my fitness journey.  As a busy mom of two, I loved the ease of use and reliability of the tracker and how easy it made it for me to keep track of my daily movements.  With time and higher adoption I am sure that the InBody Band will become the new standard and more people will start using it.

The InBody Band is available from InBody, Amazon and other retailers for $179.99.

InBody InBody by InBody Co., Ltd.

Price: $FREE

App created to manage both your InBody and InLab results.

1. InBody
Review your body's status with the InBody results, graphs, and interpretations.
Connect with the personal InBody Dial to.

NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.


22 Terrific Tech Gifts- The iMums Christmas Gift Guide 2015 Part 2


As Thanksgiving dinners are being cooked across the USA thoughts start to turn to Christmas shopping and the hunt for the perfect gift for everyone on your list. To make it a little easier The iMums have come up with a great selection of tech- themed gift ideas. We have #connected home gifts, health and fitness monitors and gifts to keep your tech charged and clean where ever you are.  We have gifts for every budget including a selection of stocking stuffers at under $50. For more ideas you may also want to check out our 12 Great Christmas Gifts for Kids from Tots to Teens.

Hello Kitty MAX Flash Drive for iOS by PhotoFast
Hello Kitty MAX Product ImageThe Hello Kitty Max Flash drive is is a great option for adding additional storage to your Lightning enabled iPad or iPhone. It is incredibly tiny and light- approx. 2″ x 0.9″ x 0.3″ and weighs a mere 1/3 oz! The companion app offers a huge array of options to back up contacts, social media, photos, videos and music. You can automatically back up your Facebook photo album, instagram photos, Calendar, Tumblr, contacts, iOS device photo album, Google Drive and Dropbox. Read our full review. Available from:photofast.com in 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128 GB. Price: $69 for 32GB version.


Activité Pop Smart Watch by Withings
Activité Pop Coral Pink KEY Visual_HDAt first glance the Activité Pop looks like just a colorful and stylish watch, but hidden inside is a tracker that works with in combination with a smartphone to monitor activity and sleep. It is durable, waterproof, has a vibration alarm and automatically records sleep and activity. The Activité Pop is the perfect gift for people who want to keep track of their activity and sleep but don’t want to wear an activity tracker. Read our full review. Available in a choice of 4 colors from Withings.com, Amazon, Best Buy and other retailers RRP $149.95.

Petzi Treat Cam 

image001-5The Petzi Treat Cam is a a great gift for the pet lover. It is a Pet Cam with a difference as not only does it let you watch your pets, but it lets you interact with them too. You can talk to your pet, give them treats and take their picture all via the Petzi Treat Cam. The Petzi app also acts as a Social Media site for pet lovers allowing easy sharing of cute pet pics. Read our full review. Available from: Amazon and other retailers. Price: $169.99

MOCAheart Home Cardiovascular Health Monitor 

MOCAHEARThandMOCAheart  from MOCAcare is a very small lightweight hand held device that can help you monitor your cardiovascular health quickly and easily in your own home. MOCAheart measures heart rate, blood oxygen and the MOCA Index- which is a measurement of blood flow that is correlated to blood pressure. It works with its own app to track changes over time.  It is much simpler to use than a traditional blood pressure monitor and a great gift for anyone who wants to monitor their cardiovascular health status.  Read our full review. Available from: Mocacare.com


Griffin Twenty 2.1 Digital Audio Amplifier
Griffin twentyThe Twenty Digital Audio Amplifier from Griffin Technology makes a great gift for the music lover. It connects via Bluetooth from your phone to your speakers and streams high quality audio at 20 watts per channel. It has a  30-foot Bluetooth range, and is designed to work with your old speakers to bring them into the digital age. It can also physically connect to your AirPort Express or Apple TV, game console or TV via an included optical TOSLINK cable, for clear optical audio. Read our review. Available from Griffin Technology  and Amazon Price: US$149

Sengled Pulse Speakers
pulseDimmable LED light and with built-in JBL Bluetooth speaker makes this a perfect fit for the #connectedhome. Super easy to use, works in a variety of rooms and is easy to control with no wires!
Read our full review. Available from: Amazon Price: $149 for a pair
press-photo-2Bevy revolutionizes photo storage by taking all of your photos from various devices like your smart phone, tablet, camera, hard drive and puts them all into one place.  This drive which comes in 1TB and 2TB options allows you to store everything and back it up in one spot.  You can plug Bevy into the TV via a HDMI cable and make a slideshow of photos. Read our full review and enter to #win! Available from Bevy.com. Price: $299 and there is a #blackfriday deal which includes a HDMI cable.


Energi Sliding Power Case for iPhone
The Energi Sliding Power case from TYLT is the perfect solution if you like a lightweight, protective iPhone case for every day use and the ability to have a backup battery case on days you need it. The set comes with a black power sleeve and 2 slim protective cases- one in black the other in an accent color. The power sleeve slides onto the protective case when you want to use it and has enough power to fully recharge your iPhone. Available from: TYLT.COM Price: $79.99.

Piper NV Home Smart Security System
Piper nv - Black - Front-1Piper NV is the gift of peace of mind. It is a DIY home security solution without any monthly fees. The 180 degree camera has day and night vision, 2-way audio, and automatically detects motion. It has a built-in 180db alarm and environmental sensors that monitor your home. It can be used with a variety of z-wave accessories including door/ window sensors, and smart bulbs. You can set 4 modes -stay, away, vacation and notification only and decide how Piper should react to movement, loud noises, or temperature changes. You can monitor Piper via your cellphone, view several cameras at once, pan around the viewing area and zoom in.  Read our full review.Available fromAmazonPriced from $279

Zuli Smart Plugs
ZuliZuli iPhone controlled Smartplugs allow you to create a #connectedhome using your regular appliances. Not only can you control and dim lights with Zuli, but you can also control a whole range of other appliances such as your slow cooker, coffee maker, heater or kettle and it integrates with your Nest thermostat. You can schedule your coffee to brew before you get up, or the heater to go on before you get home. If you have at least 3 Zuli Smartplugs it can also sense your presence and automatically adjust your connected devices to your preferences. ENTER TO WIN  Available from: Amazon or Zuli.com Price: $159.99 for Presence 3- pack or $59.99 for single smart plug.

Energi 6K Smart Charger
MIC-NRG6KTCBL-T_C_lThe Energi 6K Smart Charger is both a wall charger and a backup battery. To use it at home simply plug it into a wall socket and you can charge your device via its USB socket or built-in Apple MFI certified Lightning cable. To take it on the go unplug, fold the plug prongs away and it is a 6,000mAh back up battery. Available from: TYLT.COM.Price: $79.99 (Micro-USB version $69.99)

Kensington 48W 4-Port USB Charger
15344508038_89201e47b1_zThe Kensington 48W 4-Port USB charger provides fast, convenient charging for up to 4 devices at once. Each port delivers up to 2.4A and it is powerful enough to charge 4 iPads simultaneously. “Power Whiz” technology detects the optimum charging output for each device providing fast, safe charging. It’s compact form factor makes it a great option to use when traveling as well as at home. Available from: Amazon Price: $79.99

Kineta K1 (iKN150) Portable Bluetooth Speaker from iHome
kinetak1The Kineta K1 is a lightweight, rechargeable portable Bluetooth speaker with a difference. As well as letting you take your music anywhere with a battery life of 13hrs+ it also includes a removable K-cell battery that can be used to charge your smartphone or other device. It also has USB charging and a speakerphone. Available from: iHomeAudio and Amazon Price: $149.99


i-BRIGHT 7x 4ft Smart Surge Protector
Great product that you never knew you HAD TO HAVE! I loved that I could bring one surge protector on vacation and charge my iPad/iPhone, boost my wi-fi and have more outlets at the same time!  Great way to save energy too by setting lights on a schedule and never come home to a dark house again!  Win win all around. Read our full review. Available from: Amazon Price: $109

B73 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Water-resistant Sport Earphones with Mic, Remote and Sport Clips from iHome
iB73BLC.jpg.450x400_q85A great gift for working out the new B73 Bluetooth sports headphones are iPX5-rated water-resistant to withstand sweat and the elements. Their rechargeable battery lasts 8-10 hours. They have a mic for wireless calls and an inline remote control. They come with a carrying pouch and a variety of cushions and ear clips for a good fit. Available from: iHomeAudio .Price: $79.99

Apex Stylus from lynktec
apexThis stylus takes note taking to a whole new level.  The Apex is rechargeable. It pairs to your device to allow you to handwrite notes on your device.  I used it with the Notes+ app and found that it recognized my handwriting and I didn’t need a notebook that day. You can use it for drawing and precision as well. Available from Amazon Price: $59

Stocking Stuffers: These gifts priced at under $50 won’t break the bank.

FLYP-DUO Reversible USB Charging Cable from TYLT
DUO-REV12RD-T_C_lWith the FLYP-DUO you no longer need to carry separate Apple Lightning and micro-USB cables as it works with both. The main cable connector is a micro-USB and it comes with a slip on Apple MFI certified Lightning adaptor which is connected to the cord to prevent you loosing it. It has a 1m long, tough, ribbon cable that is flexible and hard wearing and its reversible USB connector works either way up! Read our full review. Available from TYLT.COM and Amazon.

Kensington 10400 Mobile Charger

16309278996_fce6dfeb9b_qPriced at under $50  the Kensington 10400 back up battery is a great stocking stuffer. It is 10,400 mAh battery with a 2.1 AMP output and has enough power to fully recharge an iPad Air 2. It looks sleek and stylish and weighs about 9oz. Available from Amazon and other retailers. Price: $49.99

iHome WBT1 Clip on Mini Speaker with Speakerphone
iWBT1B_1.jpg.450x400_q85A tiny, take anywhere, hands free speakerphone and mini speaker the WBT1 is only 1.7″ x 1.0″ x 1.8.” It is designed to clip on the brim of a cap, clothing or car visor. It comes with a drawstring travel bag it really is a hands free device you can take anywhere. Available from: iHomeaudio .Price: $39.99

LensPen Carbon Lens and Screen Cleaners

Photo_LensPen_SmartKlear[09]LensPen screen cleaners are the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone
with a camera, smartphone, tablet or glasses. They use an invisible carbon compound that is wonderful at removing fingerprints and smudges. Their PEEPS eyeglass cleaner are my favorite eyeglass cleaner and they also make Original LensPen for DSLR cameras, SmartKlear for smartphone touchscreens and ScreenKlean for tablets. All of their cleaners have specially shaped cleaning pads that store neatly inside a plastic holder where their carbon compound is refreshed after each use. Available from Lenspen.com, Amazon, Best buy, Walmart and other retailers: Price from $14.95

Zus – Smart Car Charger
zusZus is a great car charger not only it will charge 2 devices at once, but it also helps you find your car! It is powerful enough to charge 2 iPads or an iPhone and iPad simultaneously delivering up to 4.8 A total. It stays cool when charging and its ports light up making them easy to find in the dark. I love how it saves my car location without me having to think about it, and that it does so without using wifi or cellular data. Read our full review. Available from: nonda.com . On sale for Christmas at $33.99


glovesPower Stretch Pro Contact Gloves 
Perfect for colder climates, these gloves from Rab using Polartec’s Power Stretch Pro fabric allow you to keep your hands warm and use your device! They have conductive finger tips which mean you can use your device and keep your hands warm at the same time. These snug fitting gloves are perfect for moms and dads while waiting for the train, shoveling snow or on your commute to work. Available from: Rab Price: $35.00


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