Performance Mouse MP230L by Kensington – Review

What we love…

uses batteries that you can easily change, works for both left and right handed users, works on almost any surface, good range

What we’d love to see…

bag or something to hold the mouse and USB plug in – currently you pull the back off the mouse to store it


Easy to use mouse with great battery life, works on almost any surface, very comfortable in your hand.  Perfect as an everyday and a travel mouse.

Our Rating




Kensington Introduces MP230L Performance Mouse for Wireless Freedom and Precision TrackingI cut the “mouse cord” several years ago and am always hunting for the best cordless mice.  I tried the Kensington MP230L Wireless Performance Mouse and was surprised at how much I liked it straight out of the box.  The mouse includes batteries and once you plug in the USB nano receiver you are ready to go in less than 3 minutes from opening the package.   It uses a 2.4 GHz Wireless connection meaning you can move the mouse without the cord using the nano receiver and it automatically installs once you plug it in for the first time.  It is universal and works with both Mac and Windows and easily switches between computers.  It also features two side buttons which you can use when browsing the web as well as DPI adjustment which allows you to fine tune how fast or slow the cursor moves while using it.

Wireless mice these days often don’t come with batteries, which means that your brand new tech is forced to sit in the box while you go out and purchase batteries.  I loved that this one had batteries right in the box.  It’s got an amazing battery life – and goes to “sleep” when not in use or you can switch it off on the bottom.  I also liked the ergonomic shape and ability to use it either left or right handed.  The best feature by far is the fact it works on pretty much any surface I tried including glass, a patio table with bumps, a wooden desk, and even a notebook cover.   I liked it for both my everyday desk mouse as well as a travel mouse – the size is small and it fit easily in my travel bag when I needed to use it.  I also liked the DPI adjustment because I could use it to scroll fast when I was skimming a webpage or slow it down when I was looking for more specific content.

In terms of enhancements, I’d like to see a bag for the mouse as there were a few times I went to put the receiver in it and didn’t latch the cover fully which left me digging in my tech bag for the mouse and receiver.  I’d also like to see some sort of a “battery alert” if your batteries are getting low, because I don’t always carry backup batteries (even though I should).  There is no charging port, but you can use it with rechargeable batteries and just charge them in a separate location.

Overall, this is an easy to hold wireless mouse that works on both Mac & PC as well as being easy to use and install within moments.  Features fantastic battery life, very ergonomic and works with both left and right hands.  It is priced at $35 49.99 on Kensington and Amazon.  Easy to use mouse with great battery life, works on almost any surface, very comfortable in your hand.  Perfect as an everyday and a travel mouse.


  • Height: 132mm / 5.2″
  • Width: 84mm / 3.3″
  • Depth: 38mm / 1.5″

NOTE: A product was supplied by the company for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly.