Grocery Shopping Made Easy from Peapod by Stop & Shop – Review

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easy to view nutrition facts, online shopping when I want and delivered at home.


Great alternative to traditional grocery shopping especially if you are pressed for time.  I loved the nutrition facts and how I could easily keep track of my running total.

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DISCLAIMER: Thank you Peapod for sponsoring this post. While this was a sponsored opportunity from Peapod, all content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As a busy mom of two, it seems like there are never enough hours in the day! Enter Peapod. I find myself constantly doing this or that, making a grocery list on my phone only to go to the store and forget the most important thing on my list! We are a family of four – and both my husband and son have life threatening food allergies. That unfortunately can make grocery shopping very time consuming, because you have to read every label to ensure that it is not made with the ingredient or “made in a facility which manufactures with”.

With Peapod,  I got my grocery order done online, hit the submit button, picked out a time to have my order delivered and presto. My shopping was done for the week. Price wise, I shopped sales and used coupons and it was fairly similar in price to what I pay on a weekly basis at the grocery store, except I didn’t have to go out into the store, wait in line, load it in my car and head home! I had all the items I needed for a weeks’ worth of lunches and dinners unloaded and in my refrigerator and ready to go in moments. After you place your first order, by entering your Stop and Shop card it will create a list of items you ordered to make it easier to order again in the future and they even have a spot where you can see items you bought in the past that are on sale.

I loved how easy it was to look at the nutrition facts for each of the items I placed in my cart. One thing I have learned over time is that sometimes, a manufacturer will change the ingredients or how an item is manufactured without telling you. By simply clicking on the item in the Peapod cart, I could quickly scan the nutritional label to see if it was safe for my family.



CerealI created the order on my time, and even used my iPhone to walk around and do an inventory in the kitchen of needed items like dishwasher tablets, dish detergent, salad dressing and more! I could add items to my menu on the fly and sat at my kitchen table and menu planned for the week. One of my other favorite features was the “sale tab” – I simply looked at the items on sale and incorporated them into my menu planning. For example, ground turkey was for sale, so I made a turkey meatloaf with sautéed spinach and sweet potato home fries for dinner one-night last week. We also got some really fresh fruit as well – the fruit was all in good condition – except for a grapefruit which had seen better days. Peapod customer service was awesome and refunded the item back to my credit card with no questions asked and apologized for the inconvenience. The wait was short, the service was friendly and I talked to someone in Illinois. She saw that I was a first time customer and explained more about coupons and how to use Peapod to get discounts on shipping by having orders made three days ahead.



During the delivery, I got an email when the driver was on the way as well as a text message. I was able to go downstairs, open the door and have my counters ready for them when they arrived. I also ordered some bulky items like toilet paper and paper towels, since I was running low at home. Those came in and went straight under my counter – no further unpacking needed.
I did some price comparisons at our local grocery stores, just to show you how prices compared for the week that I did my shopping trip. Locally, we have Market Basket, Shaw’s, Stop and Shop (owners of Peapod) and Target. I was pleasantly surprised to see the pricing for the items was similar, and in many cases since I shopped sales and used coupons at Peapod lower. The driver when he arrived, spent time taking my items from the totes in the back of his truck and loading them into plastic grocery bags. I could tell the items had been categorized by type, because they were sorted into bags with a few items rather than the way I usually have my reusable bags packed at the grocery store. He came into the house, and immediately pulled out my eggs so we could check to see if they arrived intact – unfortunately we had one crack but he said, it’s okay – we will refund the item on your order. I put my coupons in an envelope and he took them after helping to unload the groceries and was off in less than 10 minutes.

Meat and produce were fresh and easy to put away after arrival.  Items like cereal, paper towels and the like were placed in a bag and ready to unpack.  I did appreciate that all of the items were put into bags – although I did wish the driver could have used my reusable bags.  Coupons were doubled up to $0.99 and I had some from our Sunday paper as well as some I printed off.  It was so easy!

After unloading my groceries into my cabinet – I had a fully stocked pantry and refrigerator and was getting dinner ready within the hour.  I call that a HUGE win!  I found some great coupons online including a $15 off your first order. I also loved that I didn’t have to worry about “unneeded items” or impulse purchases that my kids might have put in the basket too. I kept on budget and the cost was what I planned rather than a “surprise” if I missed writing down an item.  I’m currently working on another Peapod order – they have earned a new customer!

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Peapod delivers hand-selected groceries at amazing prices right to your door. Everything you need with nothing to carry. Enjoy top-quality meats and deli, national and store brands, plus affordable fresh.

NOTE: A gift card was supplied by the company for me to make a test order for review purposes, no other form of compensation was received, all opinions stated in the review are those of the author and have been offered honestly. This post may contain affiliate links to Peapod.